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The general objectives of Evalrom are:

   1. to promote the use of evaluation in the public, private and NGO sectors,
   2. based on the use of evaluation, to contribute to the increasing transparency and accountability in the public administration,
   3. to contribute to the development of the national evaluation capacity,
   4. to promote quality in evaluation,
   5. to promote quality in the professional development in evaluation,
   6. to contribute to the international knowledge base in evaluation.

Evalrom's activities:

   1.organsing conferences, workshops, symposiums dedicated to evalaution topics,
   2.facilitation the exchange of experience,
   3.disemination of information and good practices in evaluation,
   4.promoting an Ethical Code in evaluation,
   5.developing partnerships with the academic institutions in order to contribute to the adjustment of the curricula in evaluation to the needs and practical realities of the evaluation market,
   6.advocacy and lobby addressing the legal framework for the evaluation of the public interventions,
   7.supporting contributions to the improvement of the evaluation tools and methods.

Useful Documents

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